Rotary-U3A Investment Learning Series


The Rotary-U3A Investment Learning Series was successfully launched on 21 Nov 2014 immediately following the Rotary Club of Singapore North’s lunch meeting at the Singapore Swimming Club. Mr Jeremy Seah, former MD of multi-nationals ABB, Ingersoll Rand and Eaton, who left … Continue reading

Inter-Generation Vocational Fellowship Project


U3A Singapore has teamed up with the Rotary Club of Shenton to initiate an Inter-Generation Vocational Fellowship project. At its first event on 26 Sep 2014 some seniors from U3A Singapore, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Shenton, and some … Continue reading

U3A Singapore starts another Learning Community


Following its official launch on 31 Mar 2014, U3A Singapore started the following five Learning Communities:            1. Peaceful Warrior          21 Apr 2014      2. Nature Rambles          … Continue reading

U3A Singapore launches five Learning Communities


Following its official launch on 31 Mar 2014, U3A Singapore started five learning communities. Each of these learning communities meet monthly and engage in collective leaning on a specific subject. Typically each LC will have 10-25 members and is led … Continue reading

TV Publicity Campaign


A TV campaign to publicize U3A Singapore was launched on Channel 5. This commenced on 26 Apr 2014 and will be broadcasted on alternate weekends, on both Saturdays and Sundays. The publicity video’s message: “U3A or University of the the … Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Stretching Course


Many people do not get enough physical exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle and labour-saving devices. With job and lifestyle stress, lack of adequate exercise is even more harmful. However, as one ages, exercise can and should be milder and … Continue reading

Official Launch of U3A Singapore


This took place at the Possibility Room of the National Library Building on 31 Mar 2014 and was well attended by members and guests including representatives from MOE, NCSS and C3A. Mr Lim Hoy Pick, SACE’s Founder President, officiated at the launch. … Continue reading

The Psychology of Ageing


SACE President Goh Kim Seng spoke on The Psychology of Ageing at the official launch of U3A Singapore. He started by providing a simple model of why people behave the way they do and how they influence and are influenced … Continue reading

50plus Expo 2014


U3A Singapore participated in 50plus Expo 2014 under the auspices of SACE which is a supporting organization of this major annual event for elders hosted by Council for Third Age (C3A). Over the three days it promoted the concept of … Continue reading