Seniors Revalued Symposium


The Singapore Association for Continuing Education (SACE), parent body of U3A Singapore, and the National University of Singapore (NUSS) jointly organise a very successful 2-day symposium on the theme Seniors Revalued. This was held on 8-9 April 2016 at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild Hall. Attended by some 170 participants who were mostly seniors (third agers), the opening address was delivered by Dr Kanwaljit Soin, former Nominated Member of Parliament, on Singapore Seniors Revalued. Keynote speakers were Dr Elizabeth Nair on The Myths of Ageing, Dr William Wan on Talents Unwasted, Mrs Rhonda Weston on Public Image of Seniors and Mr Adrian Teo on The One in The Mirror (Self Revaluation). The discussions were animated, passionate and revealing. Many participants expressed their appreciation of the event and the need for the matter to be further pursued.

At the Symposium Mrs Ann Elizabeth Wee, age 90 and known as the mother of social work in Singapore, was received the inaugural “Third Ager of the Year Award 2016″ by U3A Singapore. A Cambridge economics and LSE anthropology masters graduate she came to Singapore at the age of 23 and was Head of the Social Work Department at NUS for almost 20 years.