Launch of Mental Fitness Game Project


U3A Singapore has partnered with the Foundation of Rotary Clubs in Singapore (FRCS) to embark on a major project to enhance the mental fitness of third agers by playing the Rummikub game. This tile-based game, with elements of rummy and majong, is easy to learn, fun to play, and provides the mental exercise that can help the elderly to keep mentally fit and lessen the risk of dementia.

Over two weekends in Dec 2014, over 100 elders and caregivers attended learning sessions at Rotary’s premises at Chinatown Point during which they were given a briefing on “How to keep mentally fit” followed by hands-on learning and playing the game. The interest in the game was very obvious and quite a no. bought one or more game sets to play with their families and friends or to introduce the game to the elderly under their care.

Dr Wu Dar Ching, Chairman of the Foundation, officially launched the “Game for Mental Fitness” project at Chinatown Point on 13 Dec 2014. This seeks to introduce the game to 100,000 elders in Singapore over the next two years. He urged the numerous representatives of eldercare centres and social welfare organisations present at the launch to join with Rotary in bringing the very significant benefits of the game to our elderly population. He said:

“There are many ways to make life more meaningful and enjoyable for the elderly. The Rummikub game we are introducing will certainly contribute to this. It is simple to learn, enjoyable to play, and will provide the mental exercise needed to keep our elders mentally fit. Furthermore, the social interactions during the game will contribute to social bonding amongst family members and friends as they play the game together.”