Personal Analytics for Personal Development


The first run for this two half-day session course was first conducted in August 2017 followed by another run in October 2017. Both were well attended with close to 40 participants for each run. The course provides a designed platform for … Continue reading

Friendship Groups in SACE and U3A Singapore


FRIENDSHIP GROUPS is an innovative project by SACE and U3A Singapore to foster the development of close-knit relationships amongst its members. With close to 1000 members now, many informal friendship groups had already developed. However often these do not sustain … Continue reading

SACE & U3A Singapore Strategic Retreat at Danang, Vietnam


After a full year of operating our SACE and U3A Singapore secretariat and activity centre at Peninsula Plaza, the team of volunteers that manned the centre finally had a break. They are a truly dedicated core group of volunteers comprising SACE … Continue reading

Senior Got Talent Singapore competition 2017


18 competitors were selected to audition on 16th December 2017. 11 finalists, of which 10 were solo singers and one skit performing group of 9, were selected for the final competition held in the morning of 29th December prior to … Continue reading

SACE U3A Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2017


SACE U3A Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2017 was held at the Hotel Royal on 29th December 2017. The event showcased the top three winners of the Senior Got Talent Singapore competition, there were also some very interesting table games, … Continue reading

Osaka U3A International Conference 2016


A delegation of seven U3A Singapore Members attended the Osaka U3A International Conference held at the Asia-Pacific Trade Centre Halls, Osaka in Japan. This was organised by U3A Japan in concurrence with the 7th U3A Asia Pacific Alliance (APA) International … Continue reading

National Silver Academy Courses by SACE


As part of the newly established National Silver Academy, the Singapore Association for Continuing Education (SACE), the parent body of U3A Singapore, has launched these 20 short courses: Qi Gong Meditation Techniques Applied Psychology for Third Realities of Aging   Agers Mindfulness … Continue reading

Seniors Revalued Symposium


The Singapore Association for Continuing Education (SACE), parent body of U3A Singapore, and the National University of Singapore (NUSS) jointly organise a very successful 2-day symposium on the theme Seniors Revalued. This was held on 8-9 April 2016 at NUSS Kent … Continue reading

SACE FREE SG50 Lifelong Courses for Seniors benefited over 800 Seniors


From Apr to Dec 2015, SACE, the parent organisation of U3A Singapore, conducted a total of 39 runs of twelve SG50 free lifelong learning courses for over 800 seniors. Subjects include Applied Psychology for Third Agers, Emotional and Psychological Realities … Continue reading

Happiness Forums


Two teams of U3A Singapore members faced corresponding Singapore Management University (SMU) teams at two insightful forums on Happiness. Among the topics discussed were :How has happiness changed over time in Singapore” and “How have expectations changed across time taking into … Continue reading