SACE launches two additional SG50 courses


The Singapore Association for Continuing Education (SACE) launched 8 courses at the Education and Career Exhibition in Mar 2015 and at the 50plus Expo in May 2015. The response has been overwhelming and some of the courses are already having repeat runs. The following two additional courses are launched on 2 July 2015 and publicized by the Council for Third Age (C3A) in all the national newspapers together with many other lifelong learning courses by other providers.

Course Title Format Description
Creativity by Mature Minds Workshop Seniors, whose mature minds work somewhat differently from their younger days, learn to be more creative in dealing with the challenges associated with ageing.
Brain Gym for Mental Fitness Workshop This Brain Gym teaches a set of physical movements aimed at helping seniors learn faster and more easily. This is based on the idea that the brain will develop and learning enhanced by certain bodily movements.