SACE U3A Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2017


SACE U3A Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2017 was held at the Hotel Royal on 29th December 2017. The event showcased the top three winners of the Senior Got Talent Singapore competition, there were also some very interesting table games, one was on testing your knowledge about SACE, and the other tested your memories and knowledge on the landmarks of Singapore of the bygone era. Our President, Mr Goh Kim Seng highlighted how much attendance had increased from the previous Dinner & Dance’s not least because of the significant increase in membership over the years.

President Kim Seng also launched a 3-mth membership drive with COME, a Certificate Of Membership Entitlement which ‘empowers our members’ to waive the $50 entrance fee for the prospective members they recommend He added that SACE would continue to innovate and improve on its courses and activities to meet future demographics.